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New Tie Dye Creations
These are the latest 10 of our tie dye creations. Click Here to see all our tie dye available. Our tie dye creations are all handcrafted works of art and each item is as unique as you are ... there is only one. Every tie dye item will have the coco bear print somewhere on the garment. In some cases you may be able to choose your print if you catch them before they go out on a pop up. We will gladly take your special orders for different sizes and/or colours.
Splotch City Size L
M&O Knits Tank Top
$40.00 TAX IN
Dark Rainbow Size L
M&O Knits Tank Top
$40.00 TAX IN
Rose City Size L
Gildan 100% Cotton Unisex SS T-Shirt
$45.00 TAX IN
Bubble Gum • Size XL
MillTex Adult Mid Weight Classic Hoody
It's Sold.
Jewel Of The Sea Size M
Independent Women’s Lightweight Cropped Hooded Sweatshirt
$100.00 TAX IN
Lightning Size XL
M&O Knits Tank Top
$40.00 TAX IN
Sunset Size L
Independent Women’s Lightweight Cropped Hooded Sweatshirt
$100.00 TAX IN
Rainbow Size XL
M&O Knits Tank Top
$40.00 TAX IN
British Garden Size L
Gildan 100% Cotton Unisex SS T-Shirt
$45.00 TAX IN
Unique Rainbow • Size 3XL
M&O Knits Unisex Pullover Hoodie
$80.00 TAX IN
See All Our Tie Dye Creations
Solids, Headwear and Coco Bear Accessories
Coco Bear has many looks! Here's a selection of the most popular garments, toques, hats, caps, bracelets, necklaces, and other items decorated with the Coco Bear design.
Unisex Hoodies
Youth Hoodies
Unisex Tees
Youth Tees
Unisex Crewnecks
Long Sleeve Tees
May is Mental Health Awareness Month
Mental health issues, especially youth addiction, affects the way we think about ourselves, relate to others, and interact with the world around us. They affect our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Mental illnesses can disrupt a person's life and create challenges, but with the right support, a person can get back on a path to sustainability and wellness.
There are many different types of mental illness that affect people in different ways. Within each mental illness, people may have very different symptoms and challenges. Access to services, support from loved ones, and the ability to participate in communities play a big part in the way people experience mental illnesses. Culture, background, and personal beliefs also shape the way people understand mental illnesses.
It's never been more important to talk about mental health. Talking openly about mental health destroys dangerous taboos and normalizes treatment. In what is probably the most stressful year on record, one of the biggest threats to our mental health is the stigma surrounding it.
By shopping the Coco Bear Fundraiser you can help put it out front and contribute your significant support to youth mental health in Muskoka. The Coco Bear is available on a wide array of terrific garments, headwear, and other items ... and every one includes a donation. Click here to see our fundraising progress and more information about the Coco Bear Fundraiser.
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